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Full-length feature film.

Genre: adventure thriller.

Production year:  2009

Written by: Pavel Sanayev, Alexander Chubarian

Directed by: Pavel Sanayev

Director of photography: Vladislav Gurchin R.G.C.

Music by: Ivan Burlyayev

Editor: Maxim Malinin

Producers: Alexey Ryazantsev, Alexander Bondarev

General producers: Leonid Ogorodnikov, Oleg Andreyev

Cast:  Pavel Priluchny, Sergey Chirkov, Marina Petrenko, Alexey Bardukov, Agniya Ditkovskite, Tihon Zhiznevsky, Yevgeniy Harlanov, Nodar Siradze, Victor Verzhbitsky, Alexander Lykov, Igor Sklyar, Sergey Gazarov, Boris Tenin, Mikhail Truhin, Mikhail Gorevoy.

After a stunning victory at a cyber sport tournament, the winning gamers are awarded CDs with a brand new game.  When they click to install, they get affected by something that transfers their computer games skills to real life.  They become second to none in real fighting, shooting and racing.

However, this fact does not go unnoticed.  Using blackmail, cheating and bribes, some state security agents make a 'job offer' to the gamers. But as soon as their lie is discovered, the gamers begin to see that in reality they were not the heroes on a mission to protect their country, but no more than hitmen. They have to figure out what to do next. Besides, the developers have a lot more of those CD's, so creating new pros will be just a question of time for them.

From this moment the mission the gamers are up against is to find the rest of the CD's. Their choice is simple: it's either destroy the stock or take the command of the army they would build, and play the game by their own rules...  The team splits up, each pitted against the other.

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