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Life. The missing manual

Genre: feature popular-science film

Production year:  2012

Production: "Production Center IVAN", film company "Masterskaya".

Author of idea: Vladimir Gerasichev

Script by: Tatyana Kunina, Vladimir Gerasichev

Production director: Alexander Smirnov

Camera: Dmitry Mogilevsky , Michael Kelim

Music by: Sergey Dudakov

Art directors: Vladimir Namestnikov, Anna Tolstunova

Producers : Vladimir Gerasichev, Alexander Bondarev, Saida Medvedeva

Do you dream about stuff? Maybe a new car, or an apartment? Or perhaps you want to make a family? Now let's be honest: how long have you been dreaming about it? A year? Five years? All your life? But your dreams don’t come true. Why is this? After all, you’re talented, clever… probably smarter than average. Perhaps there are some circumstances or people who are thwarting your dreams? Everyone’s to blame, except YOU, right?

Do you want to know why some people live happy and fulfilled lives, and achieve their goals, while others carry on just hoping and dreaming? The authors of the «Life.The missing manual»film show stories of those who have achieved a lot, so you can see how they did it. You’ll find out how to stand on your own two feetregardless of circumstances and how to carry out your game plan, despite lack of resources, connections and opportunities.  You’ll gain insight into how to achieve your goals, even if everyone appears to be against you? The film features famous people who share their lessons.

After watching «Life.The missing manual»you too will be able to identify your goals. Armed with these INSTRUCTIONS, you’ll start moving toward your aspirations and you’ll figure out how to do things that are REALLY IMPORTANT to you. This is a real opportunity to start realizing your dreams and wishes. So will you take this opportunity? It’s your call!

Life. The missing manual (1:22)