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The Quest

Genre:  Action, Adventure, SuspenseEpisodes:  16
Special commission from CTC Media

Synopsis for the first eight episodes

They had never met untilthe day in a Moscow club when they were poisoned by some unknown substance. Those who didn't die right away are now facing death in 72 hours.  They are forced torun a number of errands fora mysterious ‘puppeteer’, the only person in the world who has theantidote.  If they fulfill their missions, they will have a chance to live.

They soon find out that their Holy Grail is the legacy of Jacob Bruce, a friend and close associate of the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, and known among Russians as a sorcerer.  However, in order to get hold of this legacy, the protagonists will have to undergo tough tests, and some of them will lose their lives in the process.

The quest proves dangerous from the very start.  They delve deep into a history that few are aware of, where the present and the past are closely intertwined and shrouded in mystery.  Moscow turns out to be harboringtoo many creepy andbizarre secrets that would have proved a harder nut to crack for Professor Robert Langdon of "Da Vinci Code" fame.

The young people move from puzzle to puzzle, dancingalong athin line between life and death.  In the end, the survivors are to assembleat Bruce's dark mansion.  When all the paths come together and the puzzles are solved, they discover who stands behind the deadly quest and why they were chosen for it.