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No fool like an old fool

Feature TV film

Genre: drama, comedy

Number of episodes:  2

At first sight, Denis Sedov, a successful lawyer, has a life anyone would be envious of, but he doesn't think so. By the time he turns 45, he has lost interest in life, and the world seems faded, like an old washed-out T-shirt.  He looks for adrenalin everywhere, but he only finds what he's looking for when he meets a charming young lady called Ksenia.

Denis has been in an idyllic and long-term marriage.  He's been with Vera for 20 years, they've raised a son, and they’re still very fond of each other.  Their existence is closely intertwined to the point of almost literally being 'one flesh', but a sense of purpose seems to be irreversibly missing from their lives.  It's hard for Denis to take this step but he ends up leaving Vera and marrying Ksenia, believing this decision was made for the sake of life's highest value--love.

And now the characters have to figure out what love is all about, whether it's about serving and helping each other, or simply chasing after fleeting pleasures and impressions.  What is stronger--the material world or the voice of the soul?

Suddenly, Denis finds himself in Vera's shoes. Now he's the one who has to wonder about the real nature of young Ksenia's relationships with her male friends.  Being a father again isn't easy for him either.   And then there are the in-laws.  She keeps asking for more money, and giving him less love.  As time goes by it becomes more obvious that Denis and Ksenia have nothing in common.  Only now Denis comes to appreciate the value of his relationship with Vera and realizes how much she had helped him to become who he was in his life.  And then Denis begins to have serious doubts about this 'love story' with Ksenia.

Vera, who had until recently been a housewife, builds a successful career, something she'd been secretly dreaming of, but  despite of her self-fulfillment she isn’t happy.  The men who surround her now seem lackluster compared to Denis.  Then Denis and Vera accidentally meet and a new page is opened in their relationship.

Can one walk down the same road of life twice, and if so, what's the way to do it?  How can he win back the woman he'd spent 20 years with, someone who knows him inside out?  Not forgetting that he would also be a single father!

This film is a comedy that deals with serious life issues and complications with a smile.  Gender roles change, the characters come to understand themselves, and they learn the true value of life through comic situations.