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Genre:  Action, Thriller

Episodes:  8

How long do you think it will be before the invention of the Artificial Mind?  We believe we're just on the cusp.  Is thatgood?  Who knows?

One day an open contract appears onthe Net for a hacker attack on the server ofa psychiatric clinic.  It seems to be an easy target for 'keyboard geniuses', butseveral hacker clans that have tried to execute the contract haven'tjust failed, they've beenmoved offline forever, killed in rival infighting,or been eliminated by the Net Police.

Our heroes, the Dark Souls hackers’ group, are the only ones that manage to crackthe server and obtain the source codes of the program that the customer wants.  During the attack they learn that the clinic is just a cover-up for asecret project run by theVolholland Corporation, which is involved in state of the art weapons.  The Artificial Mind that they had developed has taken control over the entire security system, killed all its workers, and blocked the super-equipped facility from the inside.

During thelast momentsof the Dark Souls'attack, armed operativesburst into their work place.  These are the Net Police who are veryinterested in the hackers andthe material they have uncovered.

The hackers find themselves in the crossfire between Volholland's security service and the Net Police.  They suffer losses and are forced to go into hiding.  The main character, Rinat, is staying at his friend’s summer cottage.  He activates the source codes and contacts the Artificial Mind, which learns fast by analyzing gigabytes of data found in the only available source to it:  TV shows!

The Artificial Mind soon assumes a human name, Alisa, and communicates with Rinat through a hologram interface.  Alisa's main goal is to get access to the Net.  But Rinat realizes the danger this poses and does everything to prevent it.

One day trouble happens at the house where Rinat is staying.  The owner's daughter gets kidnapped.  The police are powerless.  Alisa offers to help, butshe needs to be connected to the Net to do so! Rinat has no choice andso aPandora's Box gets opened.

Alisa helps Rinat to find the missing child, but he is no longer in control of her.  Now Alisa exists in hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe.  The story develops rapidly.  The Corporation that owns Alisa is chasing Rinat, and so is Jet, the head of the Net Police, a fierce terminator of hackers.  Rinat's life is constantly under threat.  But time and again these dangers are resolved with the help of Alisa, Rinat's new guardian angel, or rathera tempting demon!

Eventually Alisa brings the remaining Dark Souls hackers together and showsher cards.  Nothing inthe chain of events had happenedby chance.  Everything had been planned by her from day one.  And now things developaccording to her brilliant plan!

None of the characters could have predicted this just by studying peopleas Alisa would take onhuman flaws.  And lying has become a standardthing for her, just like the restof us.