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Dear friend

Genre:  Drama
Episodes:  8

The higher up the career ladder you go, the less work and more play there is!

A medical school graduate, Vadim had wanted to become a doctor and help people. But his paltry salary made him quit medicine and go into business. He started by selling anti-depressants, but soon got too fed up with pestering doctors and clinic administrators to buy his wares and decided it was time to pursue a serious career in a large pharmaceutical company with all kindsof bureaucraticdrones. Vadim can find away with each of them.  Charismatic, flexible, unpredictable, he is very different from ordinary office bootlickers,such asIgor, and it doesn't take him long to win the hearts and minds of many of his co-workers, especially women.  He is both an efficient professional and a skillfulmaster of intrigue.

Vadim's first victim is Boris, apresumptuous and complacent top manager who has let work slide and is more often than nothaving fun abroad. Vadim needs to do very little to push him towardsdisaster.  Next, he seduces his unapproachable female boss. The unplanned baby that he doesn't need provides, nevertheless, a great launching pad for his career, and he goes on to make it to the top through intrigue, flirting, and sex–the job itself is not so important any longer.

Vadim is deeply in love with Elena, who is so appalled by his endless womanizingand the unscrupulous pursuit of his career ambitions that she ends up marrying a surgeon.  All the while, Vadim is admired by thehomely and mousy Olga. After he takes up the post of the company's Vice President, he makes her his assistant. Although she is no good professionally, she is fiercely loyal to her boss.

This career success, however, proves fatal, as the former 'everybody's darling'degenerates into a smug and grumpy lazybones who begins to losehis grip on the situation.  That's when his minion gets even with him for all the humiliation she's been through over the years.  After Olga prepares a brilliant presentation for her boss and delivers it to the company board herself, Vadim loses his job.  Angry and frustrated, he takes up free running.  He falls from a roof, but survives.  Will this chain of misfortunes bring him to his senses?  In the hospital where he receives treatment he meets Elena and the old flame gets rekindled.  The two make up and Vadim decides to continue his medical studies, happy that his life will finally take the right course.

However,once he is introduced to the middle-aged head of the department, he can spot a clear interest in the eyes of the lady, so all the prospects of becoming a professional doctor are dead in the wateragain.  Vadim returns to apath of lust, desire, and manipulation.