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Genre:  Action, Thriller

Episodes:  8

You can do many things!  You can reach any goal, or you can subdue other people's will.  To accomplish this all you have to do is take a deep breath and breathe out slowly ... because you're a FRAGRANT!

In the late 1990s, Professor Grigoriev tested a cancer medication in his lab.  However, it was discovered later that the medicine didn't just successfully treat cancer, but also had a particular side effect.  Patients who were taking this medicine began to mutate genetically.  They developed an acute sense of smell, outstanding stamina and reactions, and they exuded special pheromones that enabled them to communicate with others like them, and to manage the behavior of ordinary people. At some point, the laboratory was destroyed by a fire.  The Professor died and his developments became lost in obscurity

The present time.  Professor Grigoriev's patients who survived the fire form a secret society.  They call themselves the Fragrants.  They have a secret base (The Anthill) and by using their advantage over ordinary people they secretly perform useful social and financial operations.  We don't notice them, but they live among us, and they look just like us.

The Fragrants have a charismatic and determined leader called Hans.  It was he who brought them together and taught them to use their gift.  Initially his intentions were honorable.  However, as can often happen, Hans was ambitious for power and thought that it would be great to turn the entire world's population into Fragrants whom he would keep under his control, supposedly for their own good.  This would be made possible by blood transfusions from Fragrant donors.  But, to begin with, he would have to become the city's Mayor.

And this is when Hans and the other Fragrants face some serious problems from militants and supporters of the present Mayor, headed by Mozjukhin, chief of the Mayor's security service.  Mozjukhin solved the mystery of the Fragrants and tracked down the Professor, who was actually alive.  He tricked him into recovering the medicine, which turned out to be even more powerful, and decided to use it for his own interests.

Having gained enhanced powers, Mozjukhin and his people, who called themselves the Molochs, overthrow the Mayor, take control of criminal gangs, and seize power in the city.  Now the Fragrants are the only ones who stand in their way.  War is inevitable.  We watch the escalation of this conflict during the course of eight episodes.

A clan war develops amid a love story between a surgeon, Dmitry Somov, who has no sense of smell (which makes him immune to pheromones), and Jenya, a Fragrant girl, who is Hans' right hand.  Their relationship is very complicated.  For Jenya, her clan's interests are paramount, and the cynical Hans takes advantage of her beauty to further their cause.

By a twist of fate, Dr. Somov becomes a Fragrant, albeit a flawed one as he still has no sense of smell.  Dmitry confronts Hans, whose ambitions he doesn't share.  He cannot leave the Anthill because he loves Jenya.  The Anthill treats him as an outsider.  Nonetheless, Dr. Somov becomes the key figure in the confrontation between the clans, the outcome of which depends on his actions.