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Genre:  Comedy/Sitcom

Episodes:  24 per season

Expelled from campus for misbehaving, three post-grad students (The Geeks) are looking for a flat to rent:  Vova, who is studying for a degree in Philosophy, Ivan, a future biologist, and would-be physicist Anatoliy.  They regard their student grants as far too meager to get by on, so they're looking for modest accommodations, which they finally find at the home of the hospitable Aglaya Agapovna.  Her low rent and yummy pancakes inspire them to pay one month in advance, only to find out later that their lovely landlady used to work as a prison officer in a juvenile prison. What’s more, the second part of the house is rented by two gangsters:  Badass and Screwdriver!

Totally shocked by the neighbors and the prospect of cohabiting with them, the guys start quickly packing their things in order to make a run for dear life.  But in the doorway they bump into Nadia, Aglaya's gorgeous granddaughter, and decide to put off their escape, especially since they really have nowhere to go.

This is how the great stand-off starts between the gangsters and the geeks.  Each is seeking to win Nadia's heart. Aglaya is strictly against any fighting in her house, so the gangsters are unable to do any physical harm to the newcomers.  They compensate for this by making witty and sarcastic remarks about their humble neighbors.

In order to look cool, the students assume the aliases of some popular Internet characters. Vova becomes Captain Obvious, Ivan turns into Chuky the killer doll, and Anatoly changes just a couple of letters in his name to become Onotole.

The guys are far from being hopeless romantics, much as it may seem otherwise.  In order to make up for the drain on their financial resources, Onotole opens a workshop for the repair of household appliances, Chucky becomes a 'Japanese' cook in a sushi bar, and Vova acquires the habit of bringing home money that comes from a mysterious source.

In spite of their busy routine, there seems to be no end in sight to their scientific experiments!  Anatoly is constantly on the lookout for some laughing gas, but his attempts have so far drawn blanks across the neighborhood.  Meanwhile, Aglaya is constantly being visited by the military from some secret base, not to mention Semyonych, the local policeman.

From time to time, the stand-off shifts to an involuntary ceasefire.  For example, when Badass asks the geeks to help him out when his mother comes.  She must remain totally convinced that her son is a businessman with a degree.  Together with Screwdriver he provides the geeks with protection from local criminals.  The geeks pay them back by springing their enemies from the police station.  But these happy compromises are all too rare an occurrence.  Usually, mutual hatred is in the air, exacerbated by the struggle for Nadia's heart.