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Genre:  Crime, Supernatural
Episodes:  16/24
Created by:  Alexey Poyarkov, Rodion Beletskiy

Leonarda, 21, is the daughter of a policeman of German descent and a Gypsy woman.

From an early age she has been torn between two equally strong forces that guide her: cold reasoning inherited from her father and her mother's hot temper, a combination oforder versus her ability to foretell things.

One day Leonardatakes part in a psychic reality show and makes it to the finals, where she exposes her "supernatural" guesswork in front of the camera as fake.  She givesrational explanations for it.  A massive scandal erupts, and she is kicked offthe show.

The show is subsequently edited and broadcastwithout the debunking part.  A 45-year-old police officer, GeneralGolikov, happens to watch it and decides to employ Leonarda as a consultant.  New crimes require new investigativemethods!

Leonarda pretends to be a medium and a psychic.  Both the General and other senior policemen are easily taken in.  She doesn't believe in the supernatural, but when she claims to be able to hear the voices of criminals and their victims, she notices clues and draws conclusions.  At first the cops are reluctant to accept her in their ranks, but the General strongly supports her.  Leonarda falls head over heels in love with him.  At the same time, Golikov's son, Mitya, 25, also becomes totally infatuated with the pseudo-psychic, paving the way for an unlikely love triangle.

Leonarda goes a long way from total disbelief in supernatural abilities to discovering her own gift of clairvoyance and startsto make use of it.

Throughout his career, the brave General has put many a criminal in jail.  After doing his time, one of them decides to spend the rest of his life bent on revenge.  Everyone fails to identify this person who simply calls himself  "Old Friend".

Golikov is murdered unwittingly by a person who turns out to have been following someone else's instructions under hypnosis.

Hardly has Leonarda gotten over the death of her teacher and lover, when she sets out to find thispowerful enemy.  She splits her time between working for the police and chasing the "Old Friend", countering his strikes one after another as she gets closer and closer to revealing the truth.  Over time, Leonarda comes to understand that she is surrounded by enemies and even her closest friend could be fatally dangerous.

It doesn'ttake long for her to realize that the "Old Friend" has many faces, one of them being her mother who died years ago under mysterious circumstances.