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Genre:  Comedy
Episodes:  16

After getting involved with a married man, Nadia, 36, an accountant in a large company, has beenfired and now has to get by with a little baby, renting out a bedroom in her tiny flat.  The cheerful Luba, 28, has aten-year-old son who is kidnapped byher businessman husband and his mother whowant custody of the child. Vera, who at 30 still has her head in the clouds, becomes totally enamoredwitha cunning gigolo, losing the apartment she had inherited from her Dad, and finds herself homeless with her five-year-old daughter.  This is what brings Vera, Nadia, and Luba, three single mothers with kids, together.

Now what do you do when you have no money, no fancy clothes, and though there are plenty of vacancies, you can hardly hope for a job unless you are willing to sleep with your boss and leave your children at home when they'resick?  What do you do when your only property is an old car that you last drove shortly after gettingyour license and that you crashed into a neighbor's luxury Lexus?  What if the only thing thatmakesyou happy is yourkids, who, however,need food, clothes, and grow too fast?  What if prices are sky-rocketing,your old coat and shoes are thoroughly worn out,and you have a leaking tap, a broken fridge, and a dysfunctional TV set to boot?  What do you do when you have zero love life?  Do you throw a pity party? No, never give in! Young, strong, and beautiful, the ladies aredrivento survive it all. And with over ten million single moms in Russia, they are truly not alone!

The girls are all very different and they have different ways to cope withtheir problems.  Of course, they try to help one another--sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse!  They face many trials and tribulations, plunge headlong into thrilling and dangerous adventures, and have to accept both the highs and lows of life.  They will re-claim Luba's kidnapped son and make her husband beg her on his knees to renew their relationship; they willpull off a brilliant scheme to make the gigolo swindler give Vera her money back by getting him to fall for Nadia; they willengage in a business they know nothing about, and finally find their pot of gold.  Whatever happens, one must stay kind-hearted and optimistic, and all will end well--hopefully, soon enough!