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Polina and Alexandra

Genre:  Adventure

Episodes:  8

Scriptby: Eduard Volodarsky

The story unfolds duringthe GoldenAge of the Russian Empire in the early 19th century and is centered around the amazingly intertwined and dramatic lives of two young Russian ladies, Polina and Alexandra.  Alexandra (or Sashenka) Nezhivina leaves her family estate and goes to a boarding school for girls in Moscow.  On the way there, Prince Ryazhsky tries to harass her but he is thwarted by Polina Vitt, who comes to her aid.  The two girls become friends.  

Several years earlier, Polina had escaped from her home with aswindler namedBaron Von Sternberg who later betrayed her.  Now she is on her way to Moscow to take up the positionofa governess for Count Abrosimov, who immediately falls in love with her.

In Moscow, Sashenka meets her neighbor, Alexey Seliverstov, and they start a romantic affair.  Count Abrosimov proposes to Polina who accepts.  Sashenka and Selivestrov also get married at around the same time.  However, Prince Ryazhsky stalks Polina.  He buys documents from Sternberg which testify that Mrs. Vitt is the Baron’s wife and as such she should be prosecuted for bigamy.  Ryazhsky blackmails her.  Abrosimov protects his wife’s honor and kills the prince in a duel.  Shaken by this event, Abrosimov breaks up with his wife and leaves Russia.  Documents land in the hands of Count Rostopchin, who coerces Polina to participate in a dangerous and confused scheme that involves Masons, Jesuits, and the Russian diplomatic service.

After experiencing extraordinaryadventures all over the world, Polinalearns that both the Masons and Jesuits are searching for thesecret archive of adeceased official named Poltoratsky.   Polina travels back to Russia with Seliverstov.  They succumb to their emotions and spend the night together.  He confesses to Sashenka who breaks up with him.  Alexey goes to war against Napoleon.  Soon Alexandra realizes that she is pregnant.  She learns that her husband has been badly wounded and goes to find him.

In the chaos of the frontline, Sashenka is misinformed of her husband's death.  She travels back to her estate abandoned by her family.  She is on the verge of death when Polina finds her.  She helps Alexandra give birth to a baby boy.  Together with a numberof peasants, they find shelter in the woods.

Polina learns that Abrosimov is in Flanders.  She wants to get to her husband before the Masons and Jesuits, who intend to steal a part of Poltoratsky's archives from Abrosimov's papers.  And she succeeds. 

Incidentially, Sashenka learns that her husband is alive and goes lookingfor him.  For the last time, the paths of the heroinescross again.  Polina and Alexandra find a partisans'camp ledby Alexey Seliverstov.  Here they all explain their stories and find reconciliation.