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Revenge Rangers

Genre:  Comedy, Adventure
Episodes:  16/24

Everyone faces injustice on a daily basis.  And the most vulnerable groups are those who have the hardest time standing up for themselves:  kids, single mothers, the elderly, etc.  These people are helped by the Revenge Rangers.  Not so young any more, in their late 40s, the Rangers are by no means cops or supermen.  Margarita Kalinina is a former actress and Georgy Averchenko is a war veteran and handicrafts teacher at school.  At first sight it may look as if there islittle they cando.  But their zeal, quick wits,and sense of humor help them go a long way in metingout justice to all manner of bullies and tyrants.

It happened that once Margarita and Georgy were taken in by tricksters, but actually they managed to turn the tables on them and and got out of the situation with some success.  That's when they started to think about getting justice when the law can't help.  There is no shortage of victims of abuse in Russia.  Those who need help don't go around asking for it.  However, it's enough for Margarita, whose perpetual companion seems to be trouble, to simply go outside to run into some poor wretch.

Each episode will focus on a new way for the rangers to punish wrongdoers without themselves violating the law.

Here's a range of typical situations: rotten chicken gets bleached in the shop; auniversity professor will only give you an excellent grade after you've slept with him; apsychic cheats a grief-stricken young widow by promising "a conversation" with her husband for money; the government takes a single mother's kids away from her after she files a request to improve theirliving conditions; in a nursing home, the elderly are fed food past its expiry date;rogues have infested a house with cockroaches to make the poor residents hire them and pay through the nose for extermination;asneaky thief steals a war veteran's Medal of Courage; aneighbour has tapped into an old lady's phone line and spends hours calling someone in Australia; an old man takes fake drugs and nearly dies as a result.  In all these situations and others, ourprotagonists will intervene.  In each episode the Revenge Rangers come up with an elegant, surprising, and daring plan to help the victims and punish the offenders and teach them a lesson.  Each time they invent a new punishment andchallengethe law.

Throughout the show, Margarita and Georgy recruit friends and supporters from those whom they have fought for and championed.

WhenMargarita gets bogged down in yet another adventure fraught with serious trouble, Georgy rushes to her aid. Once things have endedwell and the wrongdoer has been punished, he swears that never again will he get entangled in such things. BUT... along comes a new victim of injustice and here we go again!

While in real life, such revenge stories are rare, they are not impossible.  And while in real life, justice often doesn’t prevail, the characters show how it couldhappen.