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See you in Hell

Genre:  Comedy

Episodes:  12

Our character Roman can hardly imagine that very soon his soul will learn all about living in Hell.

Roman discovers that his wife, Vika, has been cheating on him, and after a fight behind the wheel of their car they die in an accident.  By a twist of fate, Roman finds himself in Heaven, while the cheating Vika goes straight to Hell.  The only thing that’s bothering Roman is that he never found out the identity of Vika’s lover so that he could take revenge.

While Vika is suffering in Hell, Roman is bored stiff with his eternal heavenly bliss. Suddenly, and apparently by chance, Roman finds a note with his enemy's name. Vika's lover is called Igor.

With great difficulty Roman makes an arrangement with someone very helpful in that place, a dodgy Boatman, who helps Roman get an earthly body in order to take revenge on the philandering Igor.  But this doesn’t quite work out.  The Boatman makes a mistake and Roman’s soul gets stuck inside the body of a beautiful young lady called Maria.  This is what we will call him from now on!

Maria gets used to her new body, finds Igor, and begins to plan her revenge.  On the instructions of Metatron, head of Heaven Corporation, the drunkard Ilya, Maria’s former guardian angel, opposes her actions.  His task is to prevent Igor’s soul from falling and to ensure its salvation.  And it looks as if he has succeeded because Maria falls in love with Igor.

Having learned about all this, Hell Corporation wants to stop Heaven from getting a new soul, so it sends its agent to Earth.  And it's none other than Vika, Roman's wife and Igor's lover.  Vika gets inside the body of a modest girl named Katia, but it's very easy for her to win over Igor because she knows him so well.

Igor finds himself between a rock and a hard place as the two girls, Maria and Katia, seriously fight for his body and soul.  Workers from both the corporations of Heaven and Hell watch the struggle very closely.  Hell's supervisor, Vilari, helps Katia in everything, and Maria's chances are getting slimmer.  The girls resort to witchcraft. The confused Igor spends more time with Nastia, the girl next door who's madly in love with him.  As time goes by their friendship turns into real love.

At a meeting presided over by Metatron and Vilari, a decision is made to terminate Igor's soul.  The Corporations are very troubled by their so-called agents.  The girls are taken into detention.

But Ilya gets Maria out of jail and frees Katia as well.  These three know the name of the contractor who’s assigned to terminate Igor’s soul, and they rush to his rescue. But it is Nastia who ends up saving Igor as their love withstands even the hardest trials.  Moreover she turns out to be pregnant with Igor’s baby.  God places high hopes on this baby, while Maria and Katia just play out their roles in a complicated plan designed by God.

They also get their rewards:  the souls of Roman and Vika are united together in Heaven, and nothing seems to be able to part them, except perhaps for the Boatman’s interference.