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The Pawnshop

Genre:  Crime
Episodes:  12

The story unfolds in a quiet residential area of a big city where a gang of professional thieves operates.

It includes an electrician, who is able to disableany alarm system, and a professional safe-cracker,for whom even the trickiest locks are a piece of cake.  Almost all the criminalshavebeen convicted in the past.  However,they all have an official cover, either a job or a small business.

The leaderof the group is an ex-con and thief, Roma the Trouble-Maker.  He is a master of his craft, a determined andunflappable intellectual.  Trouble-Maker runs a pawnshop and buys scrap metal.

Trouble-Maker and his accomplices liketo break into luxury apartments and villas in the suburbs.  They mostly focus on wealthy businessmen, corrupt civil servants and attorneys.

Their philosophy is far from that of Robin Hood's, and they're not looking for any kind ofsocial justice.  Instead, they are sensible enough to understand that the rich have more to "offer" and that bribe-takers won’tgo to the police because they have accumulated their assets illegally.

The thieves plan every caperwith great care using all kinds of state-of-the-art equipment, ranging from night vision devices to electronic lock picks and code grabbers.  They never leave any clues behind and they appear to beimpossible to catch.

It's amysterious Customer that tips off new targets for the gang.  A former high-class burglar with years of criminal experience, the Customer has long since retired from the business and currently prefers organizing burglaries and getting his share.  He regularly hangs out with rich people, picking out future targets.

As he penetrates other people'shomes, Roma often comes acrosswhat the owners are intent on hiding:  drugs, child pornography, snapshots of gay boyfriends, etc.  He explores other people's worlds and their darkest secrets.

One day he breaks into yet another suburban houseand finds a girl called Masha.  She has been locked up in the basement for two long months by a rapist who has been kidnapping girls across the Moscow region.

Though he runs the risk of being caught, Trouble-Maker rescues Masha.  Later he comes torealize he feels more than just simple curiosity for her.  She helps him review his priorities and goals, but it's much easier to subscribe to a criminal lifestyle than to go on the straight and narrow.